Knife Repair

I do a bit more than just sharpening – de-rusting, cleaning, adjusting and oiling as necessary are included with every sharpening service. I also repair loose slabs and pins. Drop off your damaged knife or email pictures with explanation of problem.

Metal Polishing

I combine old-fashioned service, techniques and workmanship with state-of-the-art technology to provide some pretty nice metal polishing. I polish aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other metals.

Repair & Recondition

I repair & recondition all types of tools and cutting instruments.


One of my passions is restoration of old tools, giving them many more years of use. I always work to maintain the integrity of original material and design.

Cast Iron Cookware

I de-rust and condition cast iron cookware starting with an electrolysis bath. There is seldom any need for any further surface conditioning with the exception of possibly some light sanding. Then, the conditioning makes them look and cook great.


Mail-in Service

Send your items by Priority Mail and they will be returned within 48 to 72 hours. Include return postage with sharpening fees.

Walking Canes

On occassion I will take time to make one of a kind walking canes and staffs. I even take orders for canes and staffs with custom themes. I have done canes for teachers, nurses, soldiers and more. I need months of lead time for custom work.

Shovel Sharpening Service

Garden Tool Sharpening Provided by Terry at Super Sharp Shop in Semmes, Alabama. Call 251-583-5955

It is a good idea to keep your digging tools sharp because you’ll get more work done in less time and with less effort. Sharpening is easy. All you need is a pair of leather gloves, a 12-inch mill bastard file, and a vise.

Secure the tool in the vise by its handle—dish-side up, in the case of shovels and posthole diggers, and blade pointing straight up for hoes.

Hold the file against the original bevel on the cutting edge. If there’s no bevel, tilt the file 45 degrees off the tool’s face. Push the file straight toward the handle in even strokes. Sharpen only on the push motion of the file; not the return pull.

Check for a small burr on the sharpened edge. Remove the burr, which forms as you file the metal. A couple of strokes is all you need.

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Published: September 20, 2018

Drill Bit Sharpening Service Near You

Drill Bit Sharpening Service Near You

Drill bit sharpening for Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas. Located west of Mobile, in Semmes, Alabama, Terry sharpens all types of drill bits. For an additional charge, many broken drill bits can have a new cutting face profiled on the broken bit.


Auger Bit Sharpening Service

Auger Bit Sharpening Service


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Published: September 19, 2018

Where To Get Garden Tools Sharpened

Garden Tool Sharpening Near You

Are you looking for garden tool sharpening near by? Maybe you just need to know how to sharpen garden shears or how to sharpen garden edging shears. Terry offers garden tool sharpening service near you. Located in Semmes, Alabama, customers from all of Mobile County and Baldwin County drop off garden tools for sharpening.

Have you ever thought about sharpening your shovel? A sharpened shovel makes digging so much easier. After digging through tree roots and rocks in the past, your shovel is bound to have a  dull edge.

Secure your shovel in a vice and file from each side toward the center point of the shovel head. The bevel edge for most shovels is about 45 degrees, so tilt your file at that angle to restore the edge.

Garden Tool Sharpening Service Near You

Garden Tool Sharpening Service Near You


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Published: September 19, 2018