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Blade Sharpening

Blade Sharpening

Blade sharpening discussions among my friends and associates occur less frequently now than in the past. Why? It’s because the topic of sharpening is very similar to discussion about religion and politics and you know what is said about that. I’m just kidding of course.

I have very few discussions about the topic any more. I now find myself in the awkward position of being the “expert” everyone comes to. They come with only a few questions; and they come with lots of dull knives and tools.

This standing is not enviable as you might be thinking because:

(1) I don’t consider myself an expert, and

(2) it puts me in a postion of responsibility that I take seriously. Taking into account number one and number two results in number three

(3) I have to try to learn more everyday about blade sharpening – either through reading or practice. I feel obligated to teach and perform when there are many days that all I want to do is tinker, read or watch “Gunsmoke.”

Carbide Blade Sharpening Service


Super Sharp Shop uses a mix of old skill knowledge with hands-on diamond-bladed equipment to get the job done right. We are constantly upgrading our equipment to deliver a wider range of services and super sharp blades that will keep your blades running longer and cutting better.