Chainsaw Sharpening Service


At Super Sharp Shop, I professionally sharpen all types of gas and electric chainsaws. My chainsaw sharpening services sharpen all brands of chain saws. And, I not on sharpen the chain teeth but also file the depth-gauge to assure correct cutting.

I can save you money by re-sharpening your chainsaw chains. Your chainsaw chains that are dull will cost you your time which means money. Your chainsaw chains can be re-sharpened and conditioned 1-3 times or more for far less than the cost of replacing the chain each time you dull one. Why replace it when you can have it professionally sharpened and have it back in service.

I can usually turn your dull saw chains into clean, sharp conditioned chains ready for use within days of when you drop them off–depending on my workload, early dropoff could mean evening pickup.

If you are a contractor, landscaper, handyman, tree Trimmer, or a homeowner cutting a lot of firewood, you might consider doing what my local restaurant clients do–establish a schedule for regular ongoing sharpening.

Note: We prefer you leave the chain on you chain saw if you are local or you can take your chain off and mail it to us, as we offer chain saw sharpening services by Priority Mail.

Chain Saw Sharpening Tips

Chain Saw Sharpening Tips

There are 2 angles to maintain on chainsaw cutter teeth. The raker teeth (depth gauge) height is important also. Too high and the chain won’t cut good and too low it will grab too much. Keep the saw from moving while you file.

Use a round file, flat file, raker gauge and a chain vice. Wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts.

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Published: October 2, 2014