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Mail In Knife Sharpening Is Fast!
Most people are shocked to see how fast the turn around time is with the Super Sharp Shop Mail in Knife Sharpening Service. In most cases, we can sharpen your dull knives and have them back in the mail in just a day or two. That means that the complete process from the time you put your knives in the mail until they are back to you is typically around a week. In many cases this is much faster than using a local sharpener, assuming there even is one.

Knife Sharpening Mobile AL

Six to eight hours of knife work every day, 7 days a week. That was how it was when I was a kid working on commercial fishing boats. Everybody carried two or more hi-carbon knives and a whetstone. Some times when we got back to the dock after a week or two out, our knives would be one-half or one-quarter their original size. But they were still cuttin’ like crazy!