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Gerber Knives Mobile Alabama Sharpening Service

Gerber Knife Sharpening


Gerber Knives
Mobile Alabama Sharpening Service

Gerber Knife SharpeningSpent a few minutes sharpening up an open frame folding Gerber knife. I set the cutting bevel angle at 22.5 degrees and it appears that was a perfect match for the new-from-factory bevel.

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Published: December 27, 2016

Mercer Knife Sharpening

Mercer 8" Chef Knife Sharpening Service in Mobile Alabama: Super Sharp Shop - 251-583-5955

Mercer 8″ Chef Knife Sharpening Service
Mobile Alabama
Super Sharp Shop – 251-583-5955

Mercer knives are a good value and I enjoy working on them. They can be challenging at times, especially when they see heavy use and inadequate care. This was the case when a local chef brought in her Mercer 8″ chef knife for reconditioning and sharpening.

This particular knife had quite a bit of damage and I am not sure I can figure out what caused the damage but the chef did say the knife had been sharpened on some type of wall mounted sharpening device. If I had to take a guess, from the looks of the knife edge, I would say the knife was probably pushed into the sharpening mechanism too strongly and twisted as it was removed. There were large gaps of the cutting edge broken off and three bends in the edge elsewhere.

Here is a photo of the knife edge under magnification.

Knife Repair and Reconditioning in Mobile AL: Call Super Sharp Shop at 251-583-5955

Knife Repair and Reconditioning in Mobile AL: Call Super Sharp Shop at 251-583-5955

As you can see, it is pretty rough. My challenge was to not only sharpen the blade but to restore a working edge with bends in addition to the large chips. Actually, the damage was much more than chips — some of the missing cutting edges were up to an inch long!

Nothing to do here but start over with profiling the edge. I started with a 42 degree bevel for the edge foundation and worked the edge with first 220 grit and progressing to 1000 grit. The 42 degree edge was quite sharp after about an hour of re-profiling and polishing but Mercer Chef Knives are designed for a 22 degree cutting edge. So, next a 22 degree edge was built on top of the 42 degree edge. This guarantees a strong edge that should not damage as easily as having a 22 degree edge only. Starting with a few minutes on 400 grit, I progressively worked thru 600 grit and 1000 grit. Then I sat down in front of my TV and spent about 30 mintues polishing the edge with 2000 polishing tape and finally 3000 polishing tape. The knife turned out beautifully and I am going to recommend to the chef to stay away from that wall mounted sharpener, whatever it is, and use only a ceramic rod to keep the knife sharp.

Have you got a problem knife? I cannot guarantee success on every knife but I do enjoy a challenge. Call Terry at two-five-one | five-eight-three | 5955.



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Published: April 15, 2016

Guy Fieri Chef’s Knife Sharpening

Guy Fieri Knife Sharpeing in Mobile AL

Knife Sharpening in Mobile Alabama


Guy Fieri Knife Sharpeing in Mobile AL

Guy Fieri Knife Sharpeing in Mobile AL

It’s a real pleasure to sharpen knives for people that know quality. Take a look at this beauty, a Guy Fieri ER 28 Knuckle Sandwich Chef’s Knife with 8-Inch Blade. It’s made of High Carbon German Stainless Steel. I put a twenty degree bevel on this beauty and it cuts like no tomorrow. This was the fanciest knife out of a group of five this customer brought for sharpening.

If you need knives sharpened in Mobile AL or Baldwin County Alabama, give me a call at 251-583-5955

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Published: January 28, 2016