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Industrial Scissor Sharpening

Industrial Scissor Sharpening Service in Mobile Alabama
Industrial Scissor Sharpening Service in Mobile Alabama

Industrial Scissor Sharpening Service in Mobile Alabama

Here is an example of the type of cutting instruments I love to work on. This is a Wiss #20 industrial shear that was brought in for sharpening. These things were made to last and if given just a minimum of care they can be passed down generation to generation. I would say this shear was made for use as an upholstery shear or for use in some type of shop that had to cut a lot of fabric.

I could not resist cleaning the shears up a bit after they were sharpened. After cleaning and oiling and removing a heavy deposit of rust in the pivot, these shears should be good for a hundred years or so.


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Published: May 13, 2015

Chef Knife Sharpening

Bakers & Chefs Cook's Knife Set Sharpening Services In Mobile Alabama
Bakers & Chefs Cook's Knife Set Sharpening Services In Mobile Alabama

Bakers & Chefs Cook’s Knife Set
Sharpening Services In Mobile Alabama

When you have a good thing going, stay with the plan. That must be the strategy of some knife manufacturers these days. Not that that’s a bad idea. In fact, in this case the guy and gal in the kitchen may benefit. Here’s the story.

I picked up a bunch of knives last week from a lady wanting to take advantage of my spring time special: “Ten kitchen knives sharpened for $35.” The marjority of these knives were stamped “BAKERS & CHEFS.” These knives have the exact same blade as other branded knives I have sharpened. In fact, I had just finished sharpening some knives for a butcher down towards Irvington Alabama and some of his knives had the exact blade minus the branding stamps. These are pretty decent knives and extremely easy to sharpen due to the shallow beveled edge.

You might want to know that both customer’s knives exhibited quite a few nicks and chips in the cutting edge. This indicates that the bevel is too narrow for the knife or the knife edge is striking bone, etc. Still, for the price some retailers charge for the knives, they seem to be a good value. Just be prepared to sharpen often.

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Published: March 16, 2015

Chainsaw Sharpening

Chainsaw Sharpening Service Mobile Alabama Area

Chainsaw Sharpening Service


 Mobile AL Sharpening Services


Brands We Sharpen

We sharpen chains for just about every brand of chainsaw made. While sharpening the cutting edges we also correct any depth-gauge problems to make sure you have the best possible cutting experience. We sharpen chains for Black & Decker, Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Husqvarna, Makita,McCulloch, Poulan, Solo and Stihl.

Chain Pitch and Gauge

Chains for chainsaws are categorized by the two basic chain measurements: pitch and gauge.

 Chain Cutter Types


The most popular chainsaw chain type. The chisel cutter has the fastest cutting speed and has moderate stay-sharp properties.

Narrow Kerf:

Only works with narrow kerf bars. Cuts fast and better than average stay-sharp properties.


For cutting wet and dirty wood. Only moderate cutting speed but stays sharp even with wet and dirty stuff.


Skiptooth chains have less cutting teeth than regular chains – normally 1/3 less. Cuts fast, mid-range stay-sharp properties and sharpens quickly.


Sharpening Tips

One secret to getting saw chain to make smooth and accurate cuts is for the chain’s depth gauges to be ground to the proper depth and for them to all be even. Getting each one set to the exact height is a tedious job to do by hand.


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Published: March 1, 2015