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Super Sharp Shop

Sharpening Service Mobile Alabama Area

Who Sharpens Chain Saw Chains Locally ?

Super Sharp Shop sharpens chain saw chains for local customers that drop off chains and other customers that mail in their chains.

Using diamond cutters, Super Sharp Shop does a complete sharpening service on chain saw chains – not just the cutting corner. The cutting corner is sharpened to factory specification, the gullet is polished and sharpened and depth gauge is filed as necessary for top plate clearance and depth of cut.

Who Sharpens Chain Saw Chains Locally ?

  1. Top Plate
  2. Cutting Corner
  3. Slide Plate
  4. Depth Gauge
  5. Gullet
  6. Toe
  7. Heel
  8. Rivet Hole
  9. Clearance Angle
  10. Depth Gauge

If the wood debris from your chain looks like dust (as opposed to chips), this is an indicator that your chain is dull and needs to be sharpened. Having to force your chain to get it to cut is another sign of dull chain.