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Sharpening An Old Panel Saw


Super Sharp Shop Hand Saw Sharpening Service

Super Sharp Shop Hand Saw Sharpening Service

Handsaws like the one pictured in this post have blades of spring steel with wooden handles attached. They come in a variety of sizes from about 20″ to over 30″. They are generally used for cutting stock boards. Saws on the shorter end of the scale are often referred to as panel saws; they make excellent toolbox saws and are easier to use in tight spaces or when sawing at an odd angle. However being shorter, they cut less wood per stroke.

Handsaws can have teeth that are filed for either rip cuts or cross cuts. Rip saws are used for cutting with the grain the wood, along the length of the board, and crosscut saws are for cutting across the grain of the board. Rip teeth are shaped like tiny chisels. Crosscut teeth are shaped like little knives. Tooth size is measured in teeth per inch, TPI. The higher the TPI the smaller the teeth. Other things being equal, a saw with finer teeth will cut the same board slower than a saw with coarser teeth but will leave a better cut.

A crosscut handsaw between 7-10 TPI is a very good all-around saw and does a good job on boards around one inch thick, leaving a decent surface but cutting quickly. For rip saws, between 5-7 TPI is a good all-around size for working with one-inch boards.