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Hedge Trimmer Sharpening

Electric Hedge Trimmer Sharpening Service

Hedge Trimmer Sharpening


Hedge trimmer sharpening ensures the removal of any residue that accumulates on the blades over time.  Keeping their blades sharp helps them to maintain optimal performance.

One of the important benefits surrounding hedge clipper sharpening procedures is the extension of blade life. Extending blade life allows for an extended life for the overall product because sharp blades reduce the work load of the electric motor or gas engine. Sharpening of edge clippers is relatively easy but time consuming. Most hedge trimmers have four cutting edges per blade inch. The industry standard is 1.16 edges per inch. As an example, the common 22″ hedge trimmer has a minimum of 102 cutting edges to sharpen.


Care Of Hedge Trimmer


Never use water to clean an electric or cordless hedge trimmer because it could damage the internal mechanics and accelerate rusting of the blades and guides. You should clean and lubricate your hedge trimmer blades after every use to ensure that the blades will slide easily and keep them from rusting. Hedge trimmers gather plant juices (sap) and most are sticky. Dirty blades put additional strain on the motor and promotes rust. Once you clean and lubricate your hedge trimmer, run your hedge trimmer to make sure that the lubricant coats the blade completely.

Hedge Trimmer Blade Care

wd-40 is a moisture displacement substance and not a particularly good lubricant.

How To Lubricate Hedge Trimmer Blades

I keep my blades lubed with motor oil and multi-purpose household oils, not wd-40. wd-40 is a moisture displacement substance and not a particularly good lubricant.

wd40 On Hedge Trimmer Blades

Hedge Trimmer Resin Solvent

Resin remover for hedge trimmers is a must. Here is a short list of resin removal tactics that work:

  • Spray down the blades with simple green let it soak in for 5 mins then brush it off with a stiff plastic brush and rinse.
  • I also find when you are pruning spray a mixture of atf and a bit of paint thinner it lubes the blades and keeps some of the sap from gumming them up wile you are using them.
  • I have used a mixture of aerosol brake cleaner plus non flammable safety solvent in my parts washer.
    Once cleaned, the blades are blown dry and heavily coated with oil to resist rust.
  • I use B’laster – 8-PB – Penetrating Catalyst – 7-Ounces. It’s great and sticks to the blades a little longer than most other lubricants I have tried. You can find it at various stores around town or order it from Amazon by clicking on the link above.