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Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

I have a lot of callers asking questions about sharpening serrated knives and electric knife blades. Invariably, the discussion will lead to my recommendation for an electric knife sharpener. I have no such recommendation. Over the years I have picked up electric knife sharpeners at flea markets and second-hand stores just so I could take them apart to see what the actual sharpening mechanism is inside. With very few exceptions, the inside of these sharpeners looks like a torture chamber designed for knives.

In the future, and if I purchase anymore of these sharpeners, I will show you some pictures of what your knife is being subjected to if you use one of these devices. In the mean time, pictured below is the best electric knife sharpener I have had the pleasure of working with.

This high-quality electric knife sharpener (Terry Platt) is trusted by professional chefs in and around Mobile, Alabama as well as particular home chefs. Terry uses a 2 -step process using diamond files:

Step 1 – reshapes the angle, sharpens and rejuvenates the gullets

Step 2 – finishes the sharpening process honing and polishing the blade, while touching up the serrated blade teeth