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Alabama Bowie Knife Laws

Alabama Bowie Knife Laws

Bowie Knifes are illegal in Alabama and you will be fined between $50 and $500 and/or 6 months of hard labor.


Bowie Knives Are Illegal In AlabamaAlabama law case precedence has determined that a Bowie is a fix blade, single edge knife too big to fit in your pocket. Anything that has a front and back blade like a stiletto is legal. Balisongs and any other automatic/gravity knives are legal.

Bowies are only illegal if carried concealed so, if you carry it in the open it is OK. Carrying a Bowie concealed on your property is lawful. Precedence has stated that a 11″ butcher’s knife is classified as a Bowie Knife in Alabama. Under Alabama code, a machete might be called a Bowie Knife and therefore illegal.

Carrying a Bowie or a similar tool in your vehicle counts as carrying it concealed. Do not place a Bowie or similar tool in your trunk.

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