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Wusthof Silverpoint Knife Sharpening in Mobile Alabama

Mobile AL Knife Sharpening Wusthof Silverpoint Sharpening

Mobile AL Knife Sharpening
Wusthof Silverpoint Sharpening

Knife Sharpening in Mobile Alabama

The Silverpoint 4180 manufactured by Wusthof is a Japanese style knife made in  Solingen Germany, the “City of Blades.”  Soligen is so well known for knife manufacturing the city of Solingen has trademarked the name of the city – the only city in the world to do so.

I was happy to get a phone call from a chef here in Mobile AL that needed his Wusthof Silverpoint knife sharpened. I really enjoy sharpening chefs’ knives and am fond of any blade from Solingen. If you are sharpening this type of blade keep a light touch to everything you do. Japanese style blades and most german steel blades are thin and almost no more than a hair’s width at the cutting edge. Notice also the bevel is very short. This make sharpening the blade go much quicker as there is not as much edge to sharpen. The short bevel does however make for a critical situation in that if you do mess up the cutting edge you must increse the bevel area.

This chef, said he had been taking his knives to Smith’s Cutlery in Mobile Alabama but since they have closed their doors, he did a Google search for “knife sharpening in mobile alabama.” I’m glad he found me and I hope he gets plenty of mileage out of the new edge I applied to his knife.

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