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Sharpening hedge trimmers takes a little time but it gives instant gratification when you see that shiny sharp edge appear from beneath the dull crusted teeth. I was again honored by being entrusted with the sharpening of a Homelite Model UT44160 electric hedge trimmer. The trimmer was dropped off by the owner, Mr Bart H.

In addition to the sharpening services I provide, I have begun writing blog posts about various jobs. I started doing this for two reasons:

  1. Google likes it
  2. To tell my customers how much I appreciate their business and leave information that I hope will be of use to them in the use and maintenance of their tools.

It was over 100 degrees in my shop when I started sharpening this hedge trimmer so I elected to relocate to my back patio where it was only about 90 degrees or so. A quick inspection of the trimmer showed that they were in pretty good shape overall. Only one cutting edge had a small chipped edge. The lower reciprocating blade was bent downward from the top blade but only effected the cutting of the first pair of teeth on the blade which is seldom used. So, I adjusted it slightly and started sharpening.

For the benefit of of Mr Bart and any others that may want to sharpen their hedge trimmers I will give an explanation of the process and show a few pictures:

  • Always start with a visual inspection. If you find bent blades or teeth, they must be corrected before proceeding.
  • Check to make sure the trimmer actually works. Then unplug it.
  • Adust the reciprocating blades so that you have enough clearance for the file and a wee bit more. You can do this by prying between an upper and lower cutting edge.
  • Use a standard mill file which is wide enough to cover the width of the cutting edge. Do not use a smaller file as it is impossible to maintain the correct angle along the entire width of the edge with a file that does not cut the entire width of the edge.
  • Find the correct angle for filing. To do this place the file on the edge and make a few downward strokes using downward pressure you can feel in your forearm. If the sound you hear sounds like a screech or a handsaw cutting wood, you are not at the right angle yet. Adjust the angle of the file until the sound is a good solid steel on steel sound. When you have found the angle that makes this sound you are cutting at the right angle. All strokes made with the file should now be with more pressure – enough pressure so that you now feel it in your shoulder. Four, five or six of this strokes should do the job. Do not makes dozens of strokes with a lighter pressure unless you really just have nothing else to do and want to spend all day doing this.
  • Now that you have the correct angle and know the process, it’s simply a manner of getting the job done. This trimmer had a 17 inch blade with one upper and one lower cutting edge per inch – 17 on top and 17 on bottom. After you have sharpened the top 17 edges, turn the clipper over and do the 17 edges on the lower blade. Thirty-four edges in all took me one hour and 15 minutes but I stopped a lot to drink iced tea and stand in front of the fan.
  • After all sharpening is done, lubricate the blades by putting one small drop of oil between each upper and lower cutting edge and one small drop in the valley between the teeth. I recommend you obtain a quart of non-detergent motor oil, 30 weight is fine, and an old pump oil can. Do not use a spray can lubricant. If you have questions as to why I recommend this oil, give me a call.

Mr Bart, thank you for your business. If you do pick up you oil and oil can, take it with you when you go to trim your hedges. Just a wee bit of oil every once in a while will make your work go faster and make your trimmer last longer. If you are in the Semmes Alabama area, you can pick up the file at Ace Hardware at 7380 Moffett Road. They have everything you need, are great people and I want to thank them for the many referrals they send every year. Their phone number is 251-645-1001.

If you are happy with my work, please leave reviews at:

If you are unhappy with my work, bring the clippers back and I wll correct any thing that makes you unhappy. If you need an owner’s manual, you can download it here: Homelite UT44160 Owners’ Manual Download