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Sharpening by Mail

Sharpening By Mail

Sharpening by mail has grown as the number of traveling expert knife sharpeners has dwindled. Nowadays it is hard to find local knife sharpeners. Send them our way and we will send them back within 72 hours

72 hour shop turn around on knives



  1. Print and fill out the Work Order Form: CLICK HERE FOR FORM
  2. Total it up
  3. Use one of the linked shipping pages below to determine shipping costs
  4. Add up the total and write a check to include with your package.
  5. Please make your check payable to “Terry Platt” and include it with your shipment. Be sure to include return shipping costs in your check total.

You can also pay by PayPal:

Shipping Options:

Use these either of these links to calculate shipping costs: US Postal Service (recommended)   UPS

RECOMMENDED OPTION: I recommend you send your knives “insured” if sending by US Postal Service. Their “priority bulk” is very easy and economical.  Get the box from the post office and then you can buy the two way postage online, print out the labels and notify your carrier for a pick-up.  I get an email notice from click and ship that it’s on the way, and you get one when I send it back.

Packaging Instructions: 

  • With strong packing tape, encase your knives very securely in a sandwich between two layers of corrugated cardboard.
  • Place this sandwich into a study cardboard box of appropriate size and then generously fill up any empty space with padding, like popcorn, styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap to keep the pieces from rattling around.
  • Do not write “knives” on the outside of the package.

I will assess your items and if necessary, call you to amend the work order. There will be no extra work or charges without your approval.

Please contact me with any questions: 251.583.5955 |  terry@supersharpshop.com


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