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How To Sharpen Kitchen Aid Scissors

How To Sharpen Kitchenaid Scissors

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How To Sharpen Kitchen Aid Scissors

Lots of women call and say they have “kitchen aid scissors” or “red kitchen aid scissors” and “kitchenaid herb scissors” and “kitchenaid kitchen scissors” and continue on to “how do I sharpen kitchenaid scissors?” Here’s how:

How To Sharpen Kitchenaid Scissors

Sharpening Kitchenaid Scissors

Normally they do not need sharpening; they need tension adjustment. Here is what to do:

  • Clean the scissor and oil the pivot area. Open and close the scissor to spread the oil which should loosen and remove any crud or rust.
  • Under no circumstances try to sharpen the blade side that has the grooves in it. Those are necessary to hold the material being cut. These kitchen scissors are designed to cut kitchen food items that may be greasy or slippery. Without the grooves, the item to be cut will just slide down the edge without being cut.
  • Take a whet rock of 1000 grit or more and place it flat against the blade side without the grooves. Lay it perfectly flat then make two or three – no more – light passes over the blade. This is to remove any burrs or other imperfections.
  • With a crescent wrench, tighten the nut on the pivot screw so the scissor is just a bit stiff to use. The scissor should be good as new – maybe better.



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