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Machete Sharpening Service

Machete Sharpening in Mobile Alabama

Machete Sharpening Service
Mobile Alabama


Machete Sharpening in Mobile Alabama

Machete Sharpening in Mobile Alabama

A machete is a remarkable tool when used as intended and sharpened for its intended use. The problem most people have with machetes is trying to use them as a multi-purpose cutting blade. They can certainly be used for cutting grass, non-wood vegetation, wood vegetation and branches but each of these uses requires a certain cutting edge angle in order to get optimum performance. If you think about it, it is unrealistic to think any blade used to cut a tree branch will be immediately able to cut blades of grass cleanly. It just is not going to happen. Some professionals that use machetes in their trade will sharpen different lengths of the machete blade at different angles so it will perform a particular function very well when used along the length sharpened for that use. Homeowners do not need to go to this much trouble.

Just decide what your primary use is going to be. Seldom do homeowners use a machete for cutting grass unless they encounter some grass type weeds such as nutsedge or yellow nutgrass. If you do encounter a tough grass like these, I might suggest you borrow or buy a weed cutter sling blade or a grass whip. If you are in the Semmes Alabama, Wilmer AL or Mobile Alabama area you can find grass whips at Ace Hardware at 7380 Moffett Road. Here is a link to their catalog page showing the Grass Whip. Give them a call at 251-645-1001 to see if they have it in stock.

If using your machete for cutting grass or non-wood vegetation, a cutting edge of 20 to 25 degrees is good.

If cutting branches and small woody limbs, put an edge of 25 to 35 degrees.

If chopping heavier materials such as larger wood limbs, an edge of 25 – 35 degrees is good also.


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