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Bench plane and block plane blades have traditionally been beveled to 25°. The low-angle block plane has a bed angle of 12° and the blade comes honed at an angle of 25°. Standard angle block planes have the blade bedded at 20°. The bedding angle, plus the bevel angle, equal 45°, which is the same cutting angle as a bench plane and gives a very good finish on flat and difficult grain. Since the blade is used bevel up, the effective cutting angle will be 37°. The 25° blade bevel is ideal for fine trimming work on end-grain softwood and some hardwoods.

Jack planes are about 12–15 inches long, and the blade can have either a slightly curved edge for smoothing stock, or a straight edge for jointing stock. In preparing stock, the jack plane is used after the scrub plane and before the jointer plane and smoothing plane.