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Wiss scissors offer a lot of quality for the price paid. I find that the older Wiss scissors to be of a little higher quality than those made today but maybe that’s just my imagination. I tend to give preferance to bringing older stuff back to life instead of replacing with something newer.

Wiss Scissor Sharpening Service

Wiss Scissor Sharpening Service
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I was recently sent two scissors by a customer in Illinois – a pair of Wiss No 27 and a Wiss No 28. Wonderfully made scissors with the same problem: rusted and frozen pivot screw.

Like most scissor manufacturers, the Wiss factory pings the threads of the pivot screw after initial adjustment making the screw impossible to adjust later. Many a good pair of scissors have been discarded simply because they could no longer be adjusted.

Rather than discard the scissors (afterall, she did go to the trouble to mail them to me), I decided to drill out the rusted-in-place pivot screws. I then re-tapped the threads (one 10-28 and one 8-24) and used star driven stainless screws. After adjustment the screws were set with a thread lock compound rather than pinging. I like this setup and hope the customer does too. If the thread lock compound does ever allow the pivot screw to move, a slight adjustment with a T-10 star drive should do the trick.





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