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Headlight Restoration Mobile AL

Headlight Restoration Mobile AL


I do a lot of buffing and polishing in my shop. Even when the job request is for sharpening only, if I have the time I try to make all knives and tools look and perform better than when they arrived. This is not to say I do this for every job but I do it when I am in one of my nostalgic moods, have absolutely nothing else to do or happen to be listening to bluegrass music. I have to be real careful with the bluegrass music. It makes me want to slow down and whittle on something.

This morning a fellow pulled up to drop off a few hand shears and shrub lopers. He said he was headed out of town and wanted me to sharpen his tools while he was gone. Then he asked if I would take the time to do a quick polish of headlight lens since he was leaving for a road trip and already knew his headlights were not lighting up the roadway as they should. Below is the results of the first buffing. He will return after his trip for the final job.

Headlight Lens Restoration in Mobile AL

Headlight Lens Restoration
Mobile AL

Headlight Lens Before Restoration

Headlight Lens Before Restoration

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