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Mobile Alabama Lawn Mower Repair

Mobile Alabama Lawn Mower Repair


Just a reminder for my customers – my services are just a hobby that gives me a little extra income and something to keep me busy. I only want so much work, so if you need a lawn mower repaired please call me at 251-583-5955 to see what my schedule looks like. I may have one or two jobs already lined up or my wife and I might be doing a little traveling. I hate to disappoint anyone but its better you know up front that I cannot always give timely service on lawn mower repairs.

This mower is an example of a real time-eater: another mower left outside. The customer said a tire went flat and she left the mower where it was – for two years. Luckily the hood covered the engine so there was no damage to the engine but the steering was frozen due to rust and the tires had dry rotted. It took a couple of days to free everything up and find new tires. Then a full maintenance was performed – filters, oil change, blade sharpening, etc. Now it runs and cuts good as new.