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Scissors Must Be Adjusted and Maintained

Scissors Must Be Adjusted and Maintained


The cutting action of scissors involve  a combination of factors all of which must be adjusted and maintained in order that each works in harmony with the others. Sharpening alone will not insure top performance of scissors.

Factors To Check:




This is often called “the fall” and refers to how far a held blade will fall when released from a horizontal position.

Hold the scissor with your left hand and the tips pointed straight up.

With your right hand open the scissor blades so they open about 45 degrees.

Release the blade in your right hand. The released blade should fall enough that the tips have a slight gap between the tips of about 1/4 inch. If the scissor closes completely with the tips aligned, the scissor is too loose and the tightening screw should be adjusted a bit clockwise. If the tips are farther than 1/4 inch apart, loosen the screw a bit counter-clockwise.


Tips should match perfectly when the scissors is closed. There should be no gap between the points and there should be no overlap of the tips.