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Terry & Vickie aka 'The Old Couple'

Terry & Vickie aka ‘The Old Couple’

Terry and Vickie continue to offer lawn mower repair for those in the Semmes AL area. Of course you can come from any location and we will be glad to get you going as quickly as possible.

Our sharpening business has gone nationwide. Not that we have done anything special – it’s just that we have been in business long enough that we have repeat clients across the country, AND there are less people doing sharpening nowadays. So naturally people are seeking us out and we continue to sharpen items sent to us by USPS, Fedex, etc.

If you have dealt with us for very long, you know Terry fancies himself as a jack of all trades. Well, it appears there are not as many lawn mower mechanics around town and some of those that are in town do not get over-the-top accolades. Therefore, the mower repair business is growing too. You may want to visit our new site where most of the lawn mower stuff will be posted. The site is www.bigdaddysfixitshop.com.

If you are facing problems with your lawn mower, then check these basic steps that you must know before going ahead with the lawn mower repair in Semmes AL, or anywhere else for that matter.

Check air filter – the 2nd most common problem faced with the functioning of lawn mowers is restricted air filters, which may lead to coming out of smoke from the mower. So, this becomes the first thing to notice in a poorly working mower.

Have a look at the blades – another major problem is dull or bent blades. Blades can become worn out if they have not been changed for long time and may result in poor cutting of the grass. Unbalanced blades put a heavier load on the engine and it can overheat quicker than usual. If your mower loses power or acts like it wants to quit, check your blades and clean the underside of the mower deck.

Take a look at the hardware fittings, bolts, screws, etc. – there are numerous small parts of the engine, which can loosen if not serviced on regular basis can lead to poor functioning of the mower. Check the gas tank filler cap, spark plug wire, bolts holding carbureator on engine, etc. Believe it or not, check your muffler. Wasp nests inside the muffler chokes lawn mower engines as does mouse and rat nests under the shroud. If none of this helps, come see us.