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Auger Drill Bit Advantages

Auger Drill Bit Advantages


Making holes in wood can be done in a variety of ways. Your choice of drill bits should be determined by the end results you are looking for. I am often asked to make a recommendation for the proper drill bit to use for a certain job. Also, I am fortunate to have a large spectrum of customers from which I can learn. I sharpen a lot of auger bits – I imagine that is because of my location in an area which has a lot of ship building businesses, lumber and timber producers and users as well as a huge agricultural base. All of these customers use auger drill bits to drill deep, straight holes.

There are wood boring bits that may cut cleaner. There are bits that create flat bottomed holes – like forstner bits. There are bits that may cut faster, like a twist drill. But none of these can cut as deep as an auger bit. You may think a twist drill would do the job and that is true to an extent. After a certain depth, a twist drill will have trouble with debris in the hole it is cutting. It will normally clog and bind. But an auger bit is designed to rapidly remove the debris by transporting it to the surface.

For quick and somewhat rough holes, an inexpensive spade bit will do the job. You cannot rely on nice boring job with a spade bit if you intend to go deeper than about one-half the spade bit shaft length.

If you are drilling deep in wood, choose an auger bit. You can find auger bits at Harbor Freight, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and many other places.