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Barber Clipper Sharpening

Barber Clipper Sharpening Service

All Clipper Blade sharpening is done in our shop. Sharpening fee is $8.00 per standard set. We do not use grinding equipment on your blades. Every blade is sharpened using traditional Japanese Blade Sharpening equipment and technique – the same as we use with our acclaimed saber and sword sharpening.
Pick-up & delivery is available for an additional fee in west Mobile, Alabama & Semmes, Alabama area. Next-day service is almost always available.
Clipper blades are precision instruments and are treated as such. The blades are disassembled, inspected, sharpened, de-magnetized, washed, oiled, adjusted, reassembled and tested. The socket is reset to eliminate blade rattle and spring tension is adjusted so the blades do not create excessive heat. 
Missing screws, weak springs, cracked sockets and worn blade guides are replaced at no additional charge.
I guarantee that you will receive a clean, sharp, properly adjusted clipper blade every time. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. Phone: 251-583-5955

Barber Clipper Sharpening


Barber Clipper Sharpening know-how at your service. If you are local and need barber clipper blades sharpened today – call 251-583-5955 today . The average cross-section of a human hair is 50 microns. That is why the last step in sharpening your blades is a mirror polish with 8,000 grit stones; only 3 micron wide. No way a human hair is going to escape that.