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Chisel Sharpening

Years of experience using different sharpening systems for sharpening chisels has taught me that chisels love attention. It’s nice to let you know that a good sharp chisel returns many times over the attention you give it.

I’ve settled on using diamond stones, following the finest diamond stone with a hard translucent oil stone. I’ve chosen this stone because it’s hard, very fine, and cuts fast. Since the oil stone is a quick cutter, I use a very light stroke; a gentle loving caress.

The last step is stropping. A strop is simply a piece of leather adhered to a flat piece of wood with the leather’s rough side up. The strop is charged with a bit of chromium oxide, which is just a buffing compound – I usually use the green compound.

Stropping” gives the final polish to the blade.

That’s it!


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Chisel Sharpening Services

The chisel is an incredibly popular tool. Chisels can be used it to make cut-outs or to remove pieces of wood. There are also chisels to work on stone and metal. All incredibly practical, but on one condition: they need to be sharp.

This article tells the basics of making your chisel Razor-sharp!