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Drill Bit Sharpening

Drill Bit Sharpening Service

Super Sharp Shop performs drill bit regrinding services and has reconditioned drill bits from several leading manufacturers. We can match the original manufacturer’s geometry and integrity or reshape to your specifications.

The idea of drill bit grinding is to get the point angle correct on both sides, and make sure the chisel point is centered. These are two different critical factors. The bit needs to be rotated differently to get these two items right. Then, the only other thing you need is to get the relief about the same on both sides. The goal is to duplicate the shape of a new bit.

If you get point angle, lip length and relief right, you will have a properly sharpened bit. Most old hands can do a pretty good job free hand. It takes practice.

Don’t forget to “thin the webb” after you get the edges and the angle right. On all drill bits, there is a transition point at the very center that doesn’t cut a thing. Too thick a webb causes heat and drill point breakdown.

Is It Worth Sharpening Drill Bits?

Is it worth sharpening drill bits? That question comes up dozens of times during the month – every month. I will say that the question can be answered only by the person asking the question. The decision most often is determined by the return on the investment.


Drill Bit Sharpening Service Near You

Super Sharp Shop is known locally as a quality sharpening service. We will gratefully serve as your local sharpening service if you would like to use our Sharpening By Mail Service. We’ve been here in the same location almost 40 years and still going strong due to jealously guarding our reputation of excellent service.