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Garden Tool Sharpening

Garden Tools Sharpening

Garden tools work best when they are sharp. Hand cutting tools such as pruners, loppers and hedgeclippers are made of soft steel and can be sharpened with a file or handstone. Shovels are made of hard steel and require a file to sharpen.

It is not necessary to take the tool apart each time you sharpen, however, it is a good idea to take apart, clean, sharpen and readjust each tool at the start, middle and end of your pruning season. Whether you disassemble the tool or simply sharpen it, clamp the tool securely. If the blade moves while being sharpened, severe injury can result.

This category of our website perodically publishes articles that can help you keep your garden tools work efficiently and longer.

Garden Tool Sharpening

Garden Tool Sharpening

Garden Tool Sharpening Service   All metal garden tools, including shovels, hoes, spades, forks and hand trowels need sharpening.  Today’s brand new tools are more often in need of sharpening than garden tools you may have been using for a…
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