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Handsaw Sharpening Services

Handsaw Sharpening Services is one of the most satisfying sharpening services I provide. In most cases, a tool worthy of restoration arrives in the shop.

Of all hand tools used by woodworkers, saws were among the most technically complex to manufacture. To work well, saw blades had to maintain a delicate balance of hardness so that they would stay sharp, stiffness so that they could be pushed through the work, flexibility so that they would bend and not break under stress, and smoothness of surface so that they would not bind in the cut.

Handsaw sharpening service includes maintaining the existing rake and fleam angles and set will only be adjusted if the the saw is not cutting correctly after sharpening. This service is most appropriate for newer saws that have simply dulled from use, and the rare antique saw that was put away in good condition but does not have any damage or unevenness to the teeth.

My goal is to return each and every handsaw to its original capabilities.


Throughout history, and still today, handsaw sharpening skills are essential to the wordworking trade. All the old handsaws were sharpened by hand. In fact, the basics of sharpening and setting handsaw blades were among the first skills learned when starting as an apprentice. It was the most important skill for every artisan in the trade. Before electricity and combustion engines, lumberjacks, carpenters, boat builders and cabinet makers used hand powered saws for every task. Handsaws were used everywhere and by just about all trades.