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Mail In Sharpening Service

Mail In Sharpening Service

Sharpening by Mail makes your sharpening needs as easy and convenient as possible. Simply wrap your items, mail them to us, and we will have them shipped back to you within days – not weeks. We send every return package, either USPS priority mail or UPS.

Our customer count has increased every year. As knife sharpening – actually, sharpening in general – as a trade joins the list of dying professions, customers far and near look for solutions to dull blades.

Our customers include chefs, corner butcher shops, delicatessens, mom-and-pop groceries, outdoorsmen, supermarket chains, barbers, hair salons, veternarians and of course people like you.

Fortunately, many are now rejecting the disposable mentality and refuse to throw away what can be refurbished or restored. Today’s society is not as wasteful as yesterday’s. Also, there is growing recognition that new is not always better.

Sharpening As A Skilled Trade

Due to the lack of sharpeners many restaurants now use knife rental services, which replace the knives every few weeks. Many of these rental companies dispose of the returns and replace them with newly purchased knives.

Fortunatly, Super Sharp Shop has many chefs and restaurants remain loyal clients. Some do this because of their preference for better knives than those that can be rented and their investment in knives that may cost them hundreds of dollars apiece.


Not responsible for packages lost or damaged in shipping. Please wrap all items well and separate from each other to prevent damage in shipping. Return shipping is USPS Priority Mail. Insurance available upon request for additional charges. Normal sharpening turn-around times are 3-5 business days. Recommend calling prior to sending to check for any delays. Additional charges may be added due to issues found when servicing equipment (missing shear bumpers, worn blade cutters, missing parts, etc.) If additional fees exceed $20, customer will be notified prior to work being performed. Customer understands that if sharpening costs are miscatagorized on form, Super Sharp Shop will correct order form and add it to customer total at time of service.

*Sharpening order must be paid in full prior to return shipping. To ensure your items are returned promptly please be sure to pay the Papal invoice which will be emailed to you. You do not have to have a Paypal account to use Paypal.

Mail In Knife Sharpening

Main in Knife Sharpening Service

Mail In Knife Sharpening Is Fast!
Most people are shocked to see how fast the turn around time is with the Super Sharp Shop Mail in Knife Sharpening Service. In most cases, we can sharpen your dull knives and have them back in the mail in just a day or two. That means that the complete process from the time you put your knives in the mail until they are back to you is typically around a week. In many cases this is much faster than using a local sharpener, assuming there even is one.

Sharpening Chisels From Alaska

What A Georgeous Place! Received Chisels To Be Sharpened From Customer in Alaska

Sharpening by Mail Package of Chisels From Alaska One of the packages recevied Saturday was 12 woodworking chisels from a customer in Alaska. The chisels were an assortment of Buck Bros. Brand and Stanley. The chisels were sharpened on diamond…
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Sharpening by Mail

Knife sharpening was historically a home-to-home business. An expert knife sharpener would travel between towns and stop at homes once or twice a year to sharpen the household blades. These days it’s a little harder to find someone to come to your home. Send them to Super Sharp Shop and we will send them back within 72 hours