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Paper Cutter Sharpening

Paper Cutter Sharpening Service

Paper cutter blades are different for just about every make and model with the most important difference being the blade angle – the angle of the cutting edge to the face of the blade. Sharpening angle must match the specified blade angle for the paper cutter model. If the angle is off from factory specifications, the blade will tend to push the paper rather than cut through it.

Paper cutter blades can be sharpened in many ways: manually using a grinder, file or even a whetstone. This can take an great amount of time and keeping a consistent angle is a challenge when handling a long blade. Imagine sharpening a pocket knife only a hundred times larger.

Paper Cutter Sharpening

Our sharpening service is vital for keeping your paper cutter operating at an optimum level. Over time, the blades in a paper cutter get worn down from use. Replacing the knives can get quite costly, so a blade sharpening service can be a welcome alternative! The cutting knife can be removed from the machine and delivered to Super Sharp Shop for a fraction of the price of getting a brand new knife, and it will be just as sharp!