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Table Saw Blade Sharpening Service

Professional table saw blade sharpening service takes into account that a good quality saw blade is a precision instrument.  It is designed and built to give the best performance right out of the box.

Saw blades are made with eight or nine relationships or angles to them.  These are; Hook angle, Tangential clearance angle, Radial Clearance angle, Top back angle, Shoulder backoff angle,  Tip to shoulder overhang, Tip face overhang,  Gullet size and maybe a top bevel angle on ATB (alternate top bevel) and similar.  All these angles wear as the saw blade wears.  When the blade is resharpened it changes some or all of these angles. 

Carbide Blade Sharpening Service


Super Sharp Shop uses a mix of old skill knowledge with hands-on diamond-bladed equipment to get the job done right. We are constantly upgrading our equipment to deliver a wider range of services and super sharp blades that will keep your blades running longer and cutting better.