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Is It Worth Sharpening Drill Bits?

Is it worth sharpening drill bits?


Terry Platt (aka Big Daddy)

That question comes up dozens of times during the month – every month. I will say that the question can be answered only by the person asking the question. The decision most often is determined by the return on the investment. Since my minimum price for sharpening a drill bit is $3.00, it is probably not worth it for a drill bit that cost you $3.99.

If you are just tinkering around the house and have wound up with 20 pounds of dull, worn out drill bits, you probably keep looking at them and avoid the issue of sharpening. So, you go out and buy a few more drill bits and eventually you have 30 pounds of dull, worn out drill bits. If this is you, you might be happy with one of the many drill bit sharpeners designed for home use. I cannot really recommend any because I used only one and it went in the trash can after about a week.

But what if you have a bunch of Norseman B&G HSS bits ot other high quality bits?. That’s an entirely different story there! High speed steel drill bits can seldom be sharpened properly with a cheap drill bit sharpener designed for homeowners. High speed steel (HSS) is a form of tool steel. High speed steel bits are hard and much more resistant to heat than high carbon steel. They can be used to drill metal, hardwood, and most other materials at greater cutting speeds than carbon steel bits, and have largely replaced carbon steels. Small HSS bits will cost you $5.00 and up. But, if you are buying really good bits, you will probably pay $10 to $15 or more for them. So, if we receive a really messed up drill bit we may have to put a lot more time in sharpening it – then we have to charge more.

Now here’s the bottom line. Vickie and I do for your drill bits exactly what we would do for our own. If it makes sense to sharpen it, we will. If not, it goes in the recycle bin. So, if you have any doubts, or are not willing to pay $5 or $6 to sharpen a $15 drill bit, throw it in your recycle bin. 

Keep in mind that Super Sharp Shop is a small mom-and-pop outfit. We, (Terry and Vickie) do all the work ouiselves in our 12′ x 16′ backyard shop. Unlike shade-tree mechanics, however, we have invested heavily in the proper equipment to do the job right. Just one of our drill sharpening machines cost over $1200.00, and that does not include any attachments. We also have a huge inventory of diamond wheels, diamond files, etc. We give our customers good old-fashioned service and cannot live with anything less.

We receive drill bits from all over the country. We sharpen bits for truss plants, boat builders, millrights and so many others. We can sharpen yours too. We ask that you send 50 or less bits at a time. Our commercial accounts send batches of 50 – 100 and they send the next batch when those are returned. If you have a large volume of bits, we will work with you to schedule your sharpening needs. Call Terry at 251-583–five-nine-five-five.