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Local Drill Bit Sharpening Service

Local Drill Bit Sharpening Service


Terry Platt (aka Big Daddy)

You may be like many people I have talked with in the past and just cannot find anyone to sharpen your drill bits. I don’t know exactly why there are so few local sharpening services but our throw-away society has a lot to do with it I think. And, cheap Chinese drill bits often don’t have enough value or quality to qualify for a trip to the scrap yard much less be worth sharpening. But what about those of you that invest in quality tools and keep buying and buying just because there is no one local to sharpen your drill bits? Maybe I can help.

My wife and I started our at-home, backyard sharpening business just to pick up a few extra dollars and stay a bit busier than really needed as far as yard work and house cleaning goes. But, we do not solicit or care to take on a tremendous amount of sharpening work. And from what we have seen over the last couple of years, there is plenty of sharpening business out there. Too bad there are not more young people interested in some good old-fashioned self-employment – we’ve tried, and failed, to interest several.

Okay, I need to get back on topic here. In addition to our local ship building yards, truss plants and plenty of do-it-your-selfers, we do accept work from outside our area. We sharpen bits for a salmon cannery in Alaska, a boatyard in Tampa, millrights in electric generating plants and others across the U.S. We can sharpen yours too. Just keep in mind that we are not moved at all by numbers. We are more interested in knowing that our work helps you with your work – maybe helps you feed your family.

If you have drill bits that need some TLC, give Terry a call at 251-five-eight-three-5955 and let’s discuss it. Vickie and I have invested thousands of dollars in professional drill bit sharpeners and do some mighty fine work. As of March 2020 we sharpen only bits up to 13/16th and we prefer batchs of 100 or less at a time.