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Garden Tool Sharpening

Garden Tool Sharpening Service


All metal garden tools, including shovels, hoes, spades, forks and hand trowels need sharpening.  Today’s brand new tools are more often in need of sharpening than garden tools you may have been using for a while. Garden tools are not sharpened before they leave the factory – 99% of the time at least. It’s a matter of production costs. Precision in-factory sharpening equipment and human labor costs are expensive. So, in order to keep the selling price down and increase production efficiency, garden tool manufacturers just do not sharpen garden tools.

I realize that many of you will never have thought of sharpening garden tools such as shovels and hoes. Sure, you notice right away when your hedge clippers need sharpening but you notice when they are dull much quicker than when your shovel or hoe needs sharpening. Why is that? First, you probably use these garden tools much more often than a shovel or hoe so the fact that they are dull comes to your attention more often. Second, when you use a shovel or hoe, you are using a different set of muscles which are larger and more powerful. Unless you have quick access to a sharp shovel and a dull shovel at the same time it is unlikely you will notice the difference in effort required to use a sharp shovel compared to a dull one.

I could go on and on and there is not much need for that. You will either sharpen all your garden tools or you will not. I will say one thing that may influence you though: I live in a small city that at one time was the “plant nursery capital of the world.” There are dozens of plant nurseries with hundreds of workers taking care of thousands of acres of plants. Many of these nurseries have me sharpen their garden tools on an ongoing basis. This week alone I am sharpening dozens of shovels, hoes, pruning shears, hedge clippers, hand trowels, pitch forks and so forth. These nursery owners need efficient and speedy results from their employees. Sharp tools help with that.