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I enjoy restoring older items – especially those that only need good old-fahioned sweat and know-how to bring them back to life. One class of items I like to restore is old rifles; those made of metal and wood. I’m not really that much in to the new ones that are primarily poly and plastic.

Over the years I have picked up some really bad basket case long guns because they were offered at junk-gun prices. Gun dealers and pawn shops are usually quite low in their asking price for these rifles knowing that few people nowadays want to take the time for restoration or simple cleaning and preservation.

Today I started redoing a Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun I purchased a while back. When I bought it, it looked pretty much like it had laid in the back of someone’s pickup truck and was used to test the effects of corrosive liquids on gun metal. The only parts not rusted were the plastic stock and grip someone had installed.

I started the restoration with the barrel. The first two pictures below show some of the rust and damaged surfaces of the barrel. The lost photo is the barrel after removing the damaged areas and rust.

Now all I have to do is decide what finish I want to apply.